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Benefits and Usage of the Posstore Tracking App

When you’re expecting to receive your parcel sooner, but it takes longer than expected, it’s quite frustrating. Moreover, A customer’s frustration increases when he or she is unable to find out where their package is. There’re multiple benefits and usage of Posstore Tracking App.

Posstore Tracking App provides a user-friendly interface for the assistance of their customers, providing real-time updates of their shipments. Furthermore, with the rise of online shopping, people rely more on courier services to deliver their packages. 

As a result, Posstore Courier Tracking Malaysia is constantly improving its services and trying to provide its customers with the best possible experience. You can easily track your package with the Posstore Tracking App. 

In addition, if you’re worried about using the Posstore App and want to know it, you’re at the right place. We’ll provide a complete guide about using the Posstore Tracking App to check the status of your parcel. Moreover, you can also use the Posstore Tracking tool on the website to track your packages efficiently.

About Posstore Tracking App:

Posstore Tracking provides real-time tracking and enhances its services by developing a courier tracking app. Similarly, this app provides a user-friendly interface and a convenient system to track the customers’ shipments on the go. With only a single tap, users can access their parcel details. 

Posstore is a cross-border logistics service that provides you with outstanding services. The app has a 3+ rating and is convenient for the users. However, Posstore App is available on both iOS(AppStore) and Android(Google PlayStore). It provides various features such as pickup, send out, arrival, arrival & dispatch, CDC arrival & dispatch, package, signed, problem record, return, cityline, express(arrival), upload records, etc.

In addition to destination codes and PODs (pictures), many other features are available. It offers to track multiple items simultaneously, and users can access other services of Posstore Courier. Moreover, you can also check Poslaju Tracking with our provided tool.

Posstore App Info

Released on2 Jan 2023
Updated on 13 Mar 2023
Downloads100+ Downloads
Required OSAndroid 5.0 and Up
Offered by 刘旺 (Liu Wang)
Interactive ElementsUnrestricted Internet
Download Size19 MB
This table shows information about Posstore Info

Posstore App Permissions:

Different versions required different permission for the Posstore Tracking App. The Posstore Tracking App provides companies with valuable insights into their package delivery process, enabling them to identify opportunities for improvement and take action based on data. So, the permission for all versions is as follows:

App Permissions

Why to use Posstore Tracking App?

Online shopping is growing continuously. In fact, in the first quarter of 2022, e-commerce sales in the (United States)US were $250 Billion, an increase of 6.6% from the first quarter of 2021. Consequently, this immense increment in online shopping shows that we all wait for our packages to arrive fast on our doorsteps.

The Posstore Tracker App lets you track your package and determine how long it will take. Posstore Courier Tracking App can be incredibly useful for customers to keep track of their consignments in real time.

Furthermore, Customers of Posstore can skip calling or email to the company to get any details or updates about their courier. Moreover, they can easily check in the app whether their parcel is in transit, picked up, or out of delivery. 

Services of Posstore Courier Tracking are as quick as a flash. Posstore Tracking App can improve the communication between the customer and the company. As a result, both customers and companies can feel more confident.

Step by Step Guidance for Usage of Posstore App:

Step by Step Guidance for Usage of Posstore App

Posstore Data Safety

Data Safety is an important consideration for any user who uses mobile apps, especially when it comes to sensitive information such as consignment tracking details. Additionally, Posstore Tracking App is a user-friendly tool that helps customers track their package’s shipment details.

But, this is assured by the developer that users’ data is protected from unauthorized access or misuse. The Posstore Tracking app’s developer takes data safety, especially into consideration, to help safeguard users’ data, and for this purpose, they implemented a wide range of features.  

To ensure the privacy or security of the customers’ data, it is important to understand how the developers collect and share the users’ data. Developers update the information from time to time. Moreover, data privacy and security depend on different factors such as your app usage, region and age. 

  • The developer of the Posstore Tracking App ensures that this app doesn’t collect any user data.
  • No single amount of data is shared with third parties or any company or organization.

Features of Posstore Tracking App

Posstore is a famous courier tracking company that provides reliable and efficient shipping services to customers in different regions of the world. Additionally, One of the fundamental ways Posstore has enhanced its services is by developing a tracking app allowing users to track their packages in real-time. 

Posstore Courier Tracking provides its customers with a range of quality features for their convenience. Therefore, some are live journey updates, custom alerts and notifications, clean, modern design, strong privacy and security credentials, etc.

Basic features of Posstore Tracking App

What makes Posstore Tracking App different from others in the market?

Several factors make the Posstore Tracking App different from the other tracking apps in the market. First, the Posstore App is provided by Malaysia’s reputable courier tracking company to enhance its services and features. 

Customers of Posstore Tracking can have confidence in the accuracy of the tracking details provided by the Posstore Tracking App, as well as the security of their data or credentials. Additionally, Posstore Tracking App is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for those who need to become more familiar with courier tracking apps.

Posstore Tracking App provides different features to get information about their shipment conveniently. For example, users can receive notifications when their package is picked up, delivered, etc.


In conclusion, Posstore Tracking App is an excellent choice for customers who want to stay informed about their parcels and ensure their personal data’s security. Furthermore, Posstore’s History and Achievements show that Posstore Courier Tracking is becoming Malaysia’s first courier tracking company.

Moreover, the tracking app of Posstore Malaysia’s Tracking has different features. It provides an easy-to-use interface to track the record of the consignment. Moreover, you can check the reviews about the Posstore Courier Tracking.


A Tracking App is a mobile application both for iOS and Android which helps users to track their consignment details such as picked up, out of delivery, delivered etc.

Enter a unique tracking or airway bill number in the app provided by the company at the time of submission of the parcel. The app retrieves real-time updates about the parcel, e.g., location, delivery status, etc., from the courier company’s database.

Yes, you can download the Posstore Tracking App from the Google play store or AppStore without any credits.

 If you face any issues using the Posstore Tracking App, contact Customer Care Support of Posstore Tracking for assistance.

No, you can’t track packages of other courier companies with the Posstore Tracking App. This app is specially designed to track the shipments of Posstore Company only. Moreover, this app has a strong emphasis on data safety and privacy.

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