Posstore Tracking Customer Care

Posstore Tracking Customer Care

It is frustrating when you try to contact the customer care center of a courier tracking company, and they don’t listen to your problem attentively. As well as, they don’t respond courteously. Posstore Courier tracking provides quick and effective customer care services to its customers. Furthermore, the purpose of customer care is to solve the customers’ problems.

The company understands the needs and desires of its customers. In addition, the professional team always tries to sort out problems timely. Additionally, Poslaju Tracking is another Malaysian Tracking tool. Furthermore, the primary goal of the company is to make sure the customer is satisfied or not.

Posstore usually assists its customers through different mediums. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Email, WhatsApp, live chat, etc. Moreover, you can also get information about Posstore History and Achievements. Besides all these things, the professional team tries to ensure customer satisfaction to build long-term relationships. 

Posstore Customer Care Features 

Features of Customer Care

Courier Tracking provides different customer care services to its customers, and some of them are as follows:

1.Accessibility and Availability

Experts of the customer care team of Posstore always try to stay available for its customers to handle their queries. Moreover, multiple mediums are available for the customers to contact. So they can quickly contact through the available mediums.

2.Respond Faster

Professional team management of the company responds to queries as soon as possible. They always assist the customers in sorting out their problems. Moreover, Posstore’s main aim is to solve its customers’ queries quickly and fastly. 

3.Listen Attentively and Responsibly

The team at Posstore express always listens to the customer’s issues attentively and their perspectives or queries. In addition, the team shows empathy and understands the problem nicely. Furthermore, providing up-to-date information is the company’s primary goal.

4.Follow Up Parcels

After attending to the customer’s problem, the professional team follows up to ensure whether the problem is sorted or not. The Posstore professional team always respects customers and maintains a healthy relationship with them. 

Posstore Tracking Customer Care Methods

Customer care methods

There are many ways a customer can get assistance from customer care. To get information about the tracking of a parcel or to get information about the delivery of a package, you can adopt the following ways:

1.Online Tracking System

Posstore provides the facility of online tracking of the courier to its customer. A customer can quickly check his parcel’s delivery status online through the website. He can also check how long it’ll take to reach the destination. In addition, you can also contact customer support through the company’s website.

2.Via Email

Do you need any assistance, or is your parcel late? You can contact Posstore customer service through Email. Furthermore, the professional representatives ensure to reply to all the received Emails as soon as possible.

For any inquiry or question, you can email [email protected].

3.Via Phone

Suppose you want instant assistance in your parcel delivery or facing any other issue. You can directly contact Posstore Express staff via the Hotline. In addition, you can call or Whatsapp the representatives for any query or question. You can contact the company on the given numbers:

Inquiry from the licensee: 012- 9988158, 012-2621033

Customer Service: 1300-22-8800, 012-7281033

4.In Person

The office hours are usually 09 am to 06 pm, and you can visit any company outlet to discuss your issue with the management. You can visit any outlet, as well as, Any drop-off location near you. The management team of the company tries to resolve all the queries related to parcel tracking timely.

5.Live Chat

You can also contact customer support through the live chat of Messenger. Posstore provides multiple options for its customers to get help. Moreover, customers can easily approach the customer care agent through the Messenger App on Facebook via the provided link: https://www.facebook.com/posstore.com.my/.

You can also contact the company’s representatives through Instagram and get assistance.

The way to contact through Instagram is to go to the following link and follow or direct message to get help: https://www.instagram.com/posstore.my/.

Final Verdict

Posstore Tracking customer care always cherishes the feedback of its valuable customers. Moreover, the team continuously gathers customer data or feedback for further improvements. So, You can contact customer care anytime for support, inquiries, complaints, feedback, returns, refunds, insurance, or other assistance. 

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