Posstore History and Achievements

Posstore History and Achievements

Are you curious to get information about the Posstore History and Achievements? The Posstore is a courier tracking service established by ZTO Express China in Malaysia. Therefore, ZTO is a rapidly growing tracking company in China and is currently listed in New York (NYSE) and Hong Kong (HSI).

Finally, Posstore, In December 2020, was certified with Courier License by MCMC(Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission) and is a courier company focusing on Last-mile delivery. Thus, It has become one of the most outstanding courier companies and Malaysia’s largest last-mile delivery company.

Achievements of Posstore

Posstore, in just 3 months, was established in Malaysia, a record in the courier industry, and initiated 600 franchisees. More than 700 outlets eventually joined it. Moreover, Posstore offers Tracking Licenses to different branches in the country as well.

Now, it is collaborating with several e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, which is one of its main goals. As well as, numerous milestones have been achieved by the Company, out of which some are mentioned below:

  • Courier Licence authorised by the local authorities.
  • Generated 700 licence points within only 100 days!
  • More than 900 branches of Posstore
  • In 100 days, more than 500 stores operated!

Inauguration of Posstore Tracking

Posstore has been inaugurated in Singapore, Thailand, and many other southeast Asian countries. The Company’s main aim is to become Malaysia’s 1st tracking express service brand. Furthermore, the organization’s purpose is to provide quality, delivery services, in the shortest period to both buyers and sellers.

Similarly, the progress of the Company proved its sincerity towards its customers, rapid growth, and gaining the customers’ trust. In addition, Posstore Express delivers goods to the exact destination so the recipient can handle their parcel, and it’ll also be convenient for them. 

Finally, it is striving to expand its services to the entire region of South Asia because it is the hub of economic growth in the world. Moreover, it provides security in sending parcels inside or outside the country. The Company also sends and delivers your documents or parcels domestically within Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand!

It also provides courier tracking services through shipping in east Malaysia. However, Posstore Tracking also grants free packing of the parcels. Furthermore, Safety concerns of the package are always kept in mind by the experienced staff of the Company.

The tracker is very convenient; customers can track and trace it anytime. And it will provide the latest and up-to-date assistance for checking the tracking status of the courier service. Therefore, a tracking/AWB number is given to every customer. The delivery status and time of the parcel’s arrival can be tracked so that they can stay updated on their delivery.

Sometimes, customers demand an online tracking service to check the authentication of the courier they choose. Furthermore, Posstore provides its customers with rapid, favorable, and effortless services. Moreover, you can go through the Posstore Tracking Reviews as well.

ZTO and Posstore Northern Event

Features of Posstore Tracking

Features of Posstore

Posstore provides many different features for its customers. And some of them are as follows:

  • Free packing and wrapping
  • Door to Door delivery across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
  • Security against theft or loss
  • Online tracking package details
  • Parcel variations
  • Speedy and efficient

Final Verdict

Thus, the Company’s preference is our customer’s choice. The tracking always wants to ensure the satisfaction of its customers, and Posstore History and Achievements are the proof of its rapid success. You’ll surely enjoy the services of Posstore within Malaysia and other countries. You must visit our office or do a ping on available mediums. So, Try with the courier and be regular.

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