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Courier Service | Features, Types

Do you know what Courier or Courier Service means and why it is used? So, Here is the solution to all your concerns, curiosities, and queries. We’ll explain the concept of Courier service, Features of a Courier Service, its types in detail.

Introduction of a Courier

The word “Courier” came from the Latin word “Currere”, which means “to run”, and the word Courier is a French word. So, Courier indicates to run physically to deliver messages, parcels, or other items. Furthermore, you can avail of Courier service online.

Furthermore, we can call it a messenger or agent who delivers specific items and confidentially performs many tasks. A courier Service usually can be an individual or company. It serves multiple tasks, such as delivering parcels, documents, or various amounts of other goods, etc.

They provide their services for the customers and deliver on their behalf to the destination they instruct. Posstore Courier Tracking also provides its customers wide range of Services and multiple features. The main aim is to provide more secure, reliable, and efficient service to its customers.

Couriers can use different modes of transportation to provide their services—for instance, Shipping Trucks, Motorbikes, Airplanes, etc. In addition, they also provide additional services such as tracking and insurance of the parcels they submit for delivery.

Features of a Courier Service


Nowadays, Courier Service has become an essential part of our life. Its usage is far more than just a daily routine parcel sending. But, it has significant use in the online marketplace as well. 

According to a report by ResearchAndMarkets, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the largest market for courier services, accounting for a share of over 40% of the total market in 2020.

Different e-commerce stores use Courier Services for the delivery of their products. Some online marketplaces which use Courier services include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. There are multiple features of a Courier Service. Some of them are as follows:

1. Timely Delivery

Courier Companies offer various services for their customer’s satisfaction. One of the major features provided by Courier Services is timely courier delivery. Moreover, courier companies guarantee their customers a specific delivery time frame.

2. Online Tracking

All Courier Tracking Services provide the facility of online tracking. Customers can check if their parcel has been received at the facility or parcel has been delivered.

Posstore Tracking App provides real-time tracking and is convenient for the customers.Moreover, you can check every detail or activity through the online tracking. Further, they can also check whether the Courier has picked up their parcel.

3. Pickup & Drop-off

Sometimes, various courier companies provide free pickup services to customers. With this service, customers don’t need to visit any outlet or branch of the company. The team picks up the customer’s parcel and delivers it to the recipient’s destination.

Furthermore, Courier Services also provide Drop-off services. Customers can drop off their parcels at the outlets. Many e-commerce stores and online marketplaces also use drop-off services. For instance, Posstore Malaysia is an official Drop-off point of Shopee Xpress and Ninjavan.

4. Insurance policy

Various Courier Deliveries grant Insurance policies to their customers. The purpose of an Insurance Policy in Courier Tracking Deliveries is to provide financial protection. If the product is lost or damaged, the Courier Services company will be responsible for it.

5. Logistics Services

Some of the courier services companies offer Logistic Services. Logistic Service means if the company has enough space, it can offer businesses to provide a warehouse. Furthermore, it can also include managing inventory.

Courier Service VS Postal Service

Courier Service VS Postal Service

The postal service, as well as the Courier Service are both helpful in different circumstances. However, there are different factors through which we can assume which one is better. 

Post and Courier are both methods of delivering products, packages, and mail, but there are some significant differences. Moreover, Courier Services like UPS and FedEx provide customers with more efficient and reliable services. But, these are expensive and also offer insurance for the products.

On the other hand, Postal Services like Royal Mail or USPS are less expensive and affordable than Courier Service. But, it takes longer to deliver. Customer care services are only available for courier service.

Types of Courier Service

Types of Courier

Courier services are well-known for their efficient functions, speed, and reliability. There are multiple types of Courier Services. Moreover, each of them has different features and benefits. Some of them are given below:

1. Same-day Courier Service

This type of courier service is usually used for urgent purposes. Customers use it when they need to send something very instantly. But, this is a more expensive type of Courier service but also the fastest.

2. Overnight Courier Service

There is a relatively less expensive courier service than the Same-day Courier service. It is typically used when customers want to send or receive a parcel or product the next day. Moreover, it also offers faster deliveries.

3. International Courier Service

International Courier Service is usually used when someone wants to send something outside the country. Courier Services offer brilliant services around the globe. People usually use it for sending papers or documents. It is relatively more costly than domestic deliveries.

4. Standard or Specialized Courier Service

These services are usually used for oversized packages, fragile items, Hazardous materials, temperature-sensitive items, etc. These are standard and specialised services, and it is also cost-effective.


A consignment is a unique identification number. It is provided to every customer. Through it, customers can track their parcel status and location online. However, the Tracking number and Consignment number are the same.

For starting Courier Business, it is mandatory to create a business plan, take licences and permits, Hire and Train your employees, Start Marketing your Courier Business through different mediums, and Stay up-to-date.

There are many different types of jobs offered by the tracking freight/courier service. Some of them are Customer Service, Dispatching, Cargo Handling Supervisor, etc.

A Courier Bag is a unique bag used by delivery drivers and postal workers. Moreover, he keeps documents, packages, and other small things in it. The Courier Bag has some extra features, such as hidden pockets to protect contents for security purposes.

Final Verdict

Courier Service offers extremely cost-effective ways for the delivery of parcels nationally or even around the globe. Courier Services provide reliable, fastest, and highly competitive services.

Furthermore, Courier Companies play an essential role in the country’s success. International deliveries have become more accessible due to Courier Services. It reduces the delivery time, facilitating businesses and making the lives of individuals easier.

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