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How to Use Posstore Tracking Tool

Posstore Tracking Malaysia provides a user-friendly tool for the convenience of its customers. You can also easily track and trace your packages with the help of Posstore App. Follow only these 3 simple steps to get information about your parcel.

  • Enter the tracking/AWB number in the designated field bar given.
  • Click on the track button to check the status of your parcel, the expected delivery date, the location, or any updates.
  • All the details related to your parcel will be open. You can regularly check to stay informed about the parcel. Moreover, you can also track Midland tracking.

How does Posstore Wrap the Parcel?

To ensure maximum security and safety when arriving at their destination, customers can also check how their parcels are packed and wrapped. To provide scratch-free and privacy for the customers’ parcels, the Company uses black stretch film, bubble wrap, fragile tape, etc. Also, you can obtain shipping insurance for your items. Moreover, you can also attain customer care and many other Services provided by Posstore Tracking Malaysia.

Fragile ItemsLiquid Glass Items
For fragile items first of all, the team bubble wraps fragile items.The expert team takes an appropriate box, packaging wine holder, and bubble wrap.
Fill up the remaining space with peanut foam.Then, fit the liquid items nicely in the wine holder.
Finally, seal the box with the fragile tap.Finally, ensure no space is left in the box; if there is, fill that with bubble wrap.

Why Choose Posstore Tracking

The trained and professional staff of posstore快递 values customer satisfaction. Therefore, they always try to provide outstanding customer service to their satisfaction. Moreover, the Company is quick as a flash. In addition, the Company delivers parcels to different countries as well.

The Company’s history and achievements are proof of its success. Customers can pick up their packages themselves, as well as opt for delivery. We provide one-to-one customer service to ensure our valued customers receive the best possible service. You can check the FAQs section if you are curious to ask anything.

According to Freshworks, due to the slow response time of customer service, 52% of the buyers stopped purchasing from the company during the 2020 pandemic. So, Posstore tracking considers the importance of fast and responsive customer service. Therefore, the company offers value to its customers and provides prompt customer support for them.

Moreover, you can also check Umac Tracking, GLS Tracking, UPS Tracking and many more.

Safe and Secure

Parcel Variations

Competitive rates

Fastest delivery

COD/DFOD Service

Posstore Tracking Company Details

Company StatusActive
Working hours08:30 am to 05:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
08:30 am to 01 pm (Saturday)
Launched in December 2020
Certified MCMC(Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission)
Registration no.202001016701 (1373021-T)

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Track Posstore Courier Malaysia

If one can’t find a proper solution to track his package online, it’s incredibly frustrating. However, the major challenge is ensuring the package arrives in good condition at the customer’s place. Besides these, Customers are always worried about their packages being damaged.

Posstore Tracking Malaysia offers an effective solution to all of these problems. Besides being reliable and efficient, it also guarantees quick delivery of packages. If you want more information, you can check Faqs of Posstore; furthermore, if you want to contact Us, we’re just one click far away from you.

Moreover, it provides ease for its customers and the fastest and cheaper service. Aside from that, anyone can also check the parcel status online without the need to visit numerous branches.

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If you need help tracking your package, you can reach the company through the hotline at 1300-22-8800 or WhatsApp at 016-2621 633.

You can find your tracking number on the shipping receipt provided by Posstore. And the receipt will also show you how long it will take for your package to reach its destination.

The email address is [email protected].