Posstore Last-Mile Delivery

Posstore Last-Mile Delivery

Posstore is the largest last-Mile Delivery and pickup platform across Malaysia. The primary and essential purpose of choosing Last-Mile Delivery is a convenience for customers. Moreover, Posstore offers various opportunities, such as Posstore Tracking Licenses. Posstore chooses Last-Mile Delivery for the provision of highly efficient and fast services.

Parcels can be any food, plant, fish, etc. The Last-Mile is the final stage of delivering a product from the warehouse or the place ordered to the customer. Moreover, it’s the last step of reaching a product to the customer’s destination. That’s why you can call it Last-Mile Delivery.

And this step can be the most crucial in delivering a parcel. One of the reasons behind this is the rural areas where it is difficult to reach or busy streets etc. The company also provides an opportunity to check the Posstore reviews and testimonials. The company’s professionals always try to make this step more efficient and transparent so the Parcel reaches the customer as soon as possible.

Posstore Last-Mile Delivery Features

Features of Posstore Last-Mile Delivery

Posstore Tracking, the largest Last-Mile Delivery, focuses on delivering parcels to its customers swiftly and keeping them satisfied. There are various features of the Posstore Last-Mile Delivery. Last-Mile Delivery plays an essential role in the company’s development. Some features of Posstore Last-Mile Delivery are as follows:

1.Fast Delivery 

One of the most common reasons for having the largest Last-Mile Delivery is its fastest Delivery. Posstore always focuses on the fastest and instant Delivery of parcels and maintains a healthy relationship with its customers. Customer’s always prioritise the fastest Delivery of their parcels, and Posstore provides its best solution through Last-mile Delivery.

2.Precise Order Tracking

Checking the location of a parcel is a common request from customers. Posstore Last-Mile Delivery allows customers to track and scan their Parcel’s status. Moreover, they can also check how much time it’ll take to reach. Posstore Courier Tracking provides a precise and real-time tracker to check the status.

3.Security and Insurance

A customer’s initial or most crucial concern is the security of their Parcel. However, Posstore ensures and guarantees the security of the Parcel in the Last-Mile Delivery Service. Furthermore, Posstore also provides insurance for the parcels. Suppose there is mismanagement due to teams’ errors and your goods being lost or damaged. The company will provide insurance to the customer.

4.Convenience of the Customer

That day has gone when a customer needs to go to outlets to submit their parcels for Delivery. Posstore offers pick up and Last-Mile delivery services to its customers for ease and convenience. Moreover, it provides online monitoring of a package easily and instantly.

5 Steps of Posstore Last-Mile Delivery

5 steps of Last-Mile Delivery

We can divide Last-Mile Delivery into 5 different steps, and the steps are as follows:


First of all, the customer’s order digitally enters the company’s system. Through this, the customer who sends the Parcel and the recipient can check their package’s delivery status. They can check the delivery status with the help of a provided tracking number.


In this step, the process of Last-Mile Delivery begins. At this point, the placed order by the customer reaches the transportation hub to deliver it to its destination. Moreover, Posstore ensures the transportation of the Parcel to the customer as quickly as possible.


At this stage, Parcels or orders are assigned to the relevant delivery personnel of the transportation, according to the addresses of the customer and routes of the drivers. It’s an essential factor in the Fastest Delivery of parcels to get efficient results.


The orders and parcels are scanned properly before being hand-over to the delivery vehicles. Scanning performs an essential function. Through this, the status of the Parcel is updated for the sender as well as for the recipient of the package. Additionally, it reduces the risk of products being lost.


It is the final stage of Last-Mile Delivery. Proofed signatures are also taken when the Parcel successfully delivers to the recipient’s destination. The delivery person then informs the management of the company about the Delivery. Finally, the tracking information of the parcels is updated to ensure the Delivery of the Parcel has been completed.

Posstore Last-Mile Porblem & challenges

Posstore Last-Mile Porblem & challanges

When the point comes to Last-Mile Delivery, it must overcome several challenges. Posstore Tracking delivery service always puts its best into tackling this issue. But still, issues and problems are part of life, and nothing can be perfect. Some of the issues the company encounters in Last-Mile Delivery are as follows:

1.Congested Traffic Situation

Sometimes a company has to bear the conditions of too much traffic. And, due to this Parcel can be late to deliver. Posstore always tries to tackle this situation, but heavy traffic on the roads is the root cause of late Delivery of parcels. As well as, the expenditure on the fuel of delivery vehicles also increases.

2.Several Restricted Areas 

One of the most common reasons or problems Posstore faces is the restriction to several areas. The reason is that sometimes various locations have skyscrapers or gated residences. Furthermore, this can be difficult for delivery vehicles to reach these areas.

3.Difficulty in Reaching Remote Areas

Posstore always tries its best to deliver parcels timely across Malaysia and even in different regions around the globe. But, sometimes, it becomes difficult for Last-Mile Delivery to reach rural areas. It can cause difficulty in delivering the Parcel if the village’s streets are not paved, and addresses need to be appropriately mentioned.

4.Difficulty at Predicting Delivery Time

Occasionally, many customers want to know the exact delivery time of the parcel delivery. But it isn’t possible to predict the exact delivery time. Customers are still determining when their Parcel will be delivered to their destination. Moreover, Posstore always focuses on delivering parcels promptly.

Final Verdict

Last-Mile Delivery is one of the main reasons behind the success of Posstore Courier Tracking. Posstore always provides brilliant and the fastest Delivery and makes sure customer satisfaction. Posstore has become the largest Last-Mile and Pickup delivery platform due to its extraordinary services.

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